Friday, September 11, 2009

Summer, where did you go?

So, every time I'm pretty determined to update more frequently, I end up disappearing instead. I haven't knitted too much this summer. When it's over 100 out every day, cozying up to a ball of wool isn't the most appealing of ideas. Despite the desert heat, I managed to knock a few projects out.

1. Shawl. My grandmother's birthday was at the end of July and a big family gathering in California was planned. My mother told me that my grandmother would be very appreciative of something hand knit and suggested a shawl. An unfortunate turn of events canceled the California plans, and ended with a hospital visit in Nevada instead. I managed to finish the shawl in time, and she loved it. Unfortunately, because (as usual) I cut it so close, there are no finished pictures. Only the very beginning was documented. It's a basic stockinette shawl with some garter stitch edges and a futile attempt at lace at the ends. It's Lion Brand Homespun because it was the only thing I could find in the colors my grandmother for some reason adores.

2. Whitney's Pillow. Around my birthday my good friend learned to quilt and embroider and made me an amazing pillow. I decided to repay the favor for her birthday, though I decided to not learn any new crafts, since I already feel like I have too many. I tried first to do some color work and include a heart on one side and a big "W" on the other. The heart looked acceptable, but the W was a mess, and I tore out everything. I ended up just knitting a pillow case plain in the round, stitching on some felt hearts and sewing it shut around a pillow form. Not my greatest moment, but the recipient seemed appreciative.

3. Bad at Color Work Pillow. After my failed attempt at color work on the first pillow, I decided to try again. I had a vision in my head, and a hell of a lot of free time, since I was stranded at my family's house in rural Oklahoma. The colors weren't exactly what I wanted, and there are some serious issues with the color work, but from far away it still looks pretty cool.

4. Twisty scarf. While I was in Nevada, I taught my little cousin to knit. Her mother (my aunt) has been asking me for a scarf for a very long time. After seeing them, I decided I should probably actually do it. I found this great reversible pattern and started knitting. It's not as thick as necessary for the recipient who lives in Ohio, but I'm so in love with it, that I'm making this one for myself. It's knit with Country, which is pretty nice to knit with. I'm planning on making this very long and wearing it the minute it gets below seventy here in the desert. (I'll take pictures when I get some more progress made).

5. Aquaphobia socks. While stranded in Oklahoma, I entertained myself with online shopping, including a visit to Knit Picks. When I finally returned to the Old Pueblo, I had a bunch of yarn waiting for me, including a hank of Stroll in the colorway Cartoons. Not usually my color palette, but I love it sooooo much. It took a while to find a pattern to compliment the yarn, and I finally settled on Aquaphobia. I've knit one sock, and it is glorious. Knitting on 1s for the first time wasn't as bad as I expected. I'm being surprisingly good and have actually cast on the second sock instead of starting the other projects I have planned for the rest of my knit picks purchase.

So, that's what I've been up to since I posted last near the end of July. I'm supposed to be cleaning and rearranging the house I just moved into a few weeks before my almost-month stuck in OK, but I've been distracted by yarn and the internet.

I hope everyone's read Ambrr's last few posts. I don't get quite as philosophical as she does, but I definitely encourage some introspection on our own knitting habits.

What's everyone out there on the interweb been knitting this summer? Any grand plans for fall? My goal is to find a job, and actually knit the pairs for all my lonely socks.

<3 uhlissa