Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Merry (Late) Christmas, and Happy (Early) New Year!

Also, Belated Happy Hannukah, Current Happy Kwanzaa, and what else happens this time of year? Ah yes, Whoops, Forgot Winter Solstice!

Knitting? Yeah, we've been doing that too. We promise!

<3 MUCH LOVE from the Black Heels n Purls Knitting Society

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Longest Update in the History of the World, Part II


Dude, it has been a million billion years since our last update. I barely made it through studio again, and now I've got the pleasures of finals to wade through. Hurrahhhhhhh.


1. Artichoke Socks


I'm still not done with these, I haven't actually worked on them since... uh... October? Awful.

2. Basketrib Headband


I slightly hate this thing. It's not to gauge, because I don't believe in swatching (the only swatches I'll own are the ones on my arm, etc). It looks interesting, though. I think a little blocking will do it some good.

3. Squishy the Jellyfish


I love Squishy the Jellyfish so so much. He's made mostly from random yarns in the stash, on the wrong size needles (as per usual), so he's tinier than the Jellyfish in progress, currently unnamed.


4. Moo's Bunny Hat


Here's a pattern I had to make up on my own, since I don't own the book the original pattern came from. It's for Marilyn's daughter, I think I was supposed to have finished this yonks ago. Haha, "yonks."

5. Wollmeise Clapotis


This photo doesn't do this yarn or pattern justice. And good LORD it is taking forever. I should have used size 6 or 7 needles, not 4s. BLERG.

6. Baby's First Noro


It's what I'm calling my first Noro scarf. I could probably knock it out in like a day, but I'm distracted as usual. D:

7. Dr. Who Fetching

Who doesn't love the Doctor.

Made for Sharon, who sent me Series One and Two of Doctor Who with the 10th Doctor. DAVID TENNANT! I love him. Ambrrr Tennant has a nice ring to it, yes?

8. Cottonease Funtime aka Bamboozled

Cotton-Ease Funtime!

This is a really fun and quick pattern. It's been through the washer quite a few times, and is still fantastic. Love it!! I actually took this photo with my iSight on my MacBook Pro.

9. Foliage

Work it!

Here's Hott Steve rollin' and strollin' with my Foliage. I don't question what Hott Steve does.

Well, I think that's it. I could be completely wrong, we'll see.



PS - Squishy says be sure to check the blog these last few weeks of December, as we'll actually have time to update now!


(Project links and whatnot coming soon)

- Ambrrr

Longest Update in the History of the World, Part I

Hello blog-land.
I'm not quite sure if this will actually be the longest update in the history of the world, but I feel there are many, many wonderful things I must share with you.

Ambrrr and I have survived another semester of college. I'm not quite sure how we pulled it off, but I'm glad we did. Yesterday was our last day of classes, so today we finally found some time to have the photo shoot we've continually delayed due to school-related obligations.

We fought the ridiculously muggy 80 degrees that New Orleans has adopted this December and discovered a balcony of the business school that was more than willing to participate in our shoot.

I am proud to present "Things I've Knit This Semester But Haven't Really Posted About Yet Because School Owns My Soul":

1. Sock
I have only knit one of my Hedgerow Socks. I have utterly no motivation to knit the other one.
Here's ambrrr graciously modeling for me:
Yarn: Katia Mississippi 3
Needles: US2

2. Rae's One-Row Scarf
I needled a mindless break from some more complicated knitting and tried out this one-row pattern. My friend Rae is allergic to wool, so I knit in acrylic. Vanna's Choice. Mostly because I'm beyond amused that Vanna has yarn. The color is pretty. I love the pattern. And anything with tassels has my heart.
IMG_3277 IMG_3278

3. Super Fetching
I made some fetching with a few added cable rows at the cuff and hands.
I also like to call them "fighting fetching"
I used Bernat Cashmere blend. I really like the yarn, but on the 6 DPNs, the fabric is so dense that they're almost too inflexible. They are effectively warm.

4. Ribbed Lace Bolero
This is one of my favorite things I've ever made. Unfortunately I've only worn it a few times, because it's either much too warm or much too cool. Silly New Orleans.
Yarn - Cascade 220

5. Purl Bee Beret
This is my favorite thing ever. The color is nothing I would usually wear, but something about it is so wonderful.
IMG_3294 IMG_3293
Yarn - Knit Picks Palette
Needles - US2 Addis borrowed from Ambrrr. It was the first time I'd used Addis. I love them. I want them. It hurt me to return them.

6. Bamboozled!
I realized I really love headwear. I want nothing more than to have fantastic head accessories every day of my life.
I clearly had to copy ambrrr and use Cotton Ease. I really liked working with it. Trying to come up with a new head band design for the left overs.

7. A Scarf Askew
I found this pattern on the Rav (my username is uhlissa. friend me!) and really liked the simplicity. I thought it was very sophisticated, without being complicated. In a fit of ambition I planned to knit all my Christmas presents. This is for my step-dad, who has the most intense blue eyes ever. I hope the color will be complimentary.
I used Wool Ease on US8s, and it went pretty quickly. I'm having some issues with getting it to lay flat. I left it pinned down while I was out of town for Thanksgiving, and sprayed it with some water, but the acrylic blend resisted the water. I'm going to have to try again with a greater quantity of H2O.

8. Diagonal Lace Scarf
This is for my step-mom. It seemed like a good opportunity to try out a yarn I would never really buy myself. It's Bernat Bamboo blend. It's one of the softest things I've ever felt. I'm not too wild about the color choices, but I felt like this pink is something my step-mom would enjoy. Knitting with the Bamboo blend was nice. I was apprehensive about the knobbly yarn texture for a lace pattern, but decided to go for it. I'm happy with the final result.

Gratuitous photos, because clearly I haven't posted nearly enough yet.

Ambrrr modeling my beret and my sock! She's pretty awesome.

That Is All!
<3 Uhlissa