Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hurrah and the like!

After about two months and numerous side-tracking, Marilyn's Saints-inspired Fetching are finally done! Photos of all our FO's will be up soon, my camera has been acting a right fool lately.

Next project on the list is another comissioned piece - Mardi Gras Apple Hats for Lejeune's (a lady I work with) two one-year olds (twins!). They're going to be purple w/gold leaves and gold w/purple leaves, and green stems on both. Mardi Gras colors!

I also FINISHED MONKEY! I am terribly excited about this, and they are sooooooo comfy and neat. I also finally figured out what "pooling" is, and that it happened on my first sock. But I'm cool with that, as it actually looks neat, IMHO. :D

OK, photos soon and now back to studio work!


On the left you can see the pooling that happened on my first sock, as opposed to the neat stripes on the second. MEH. Such is life. I actually had no idea that this was bad, until the internet informed me. D:

Next up is a close up of the nifty lacy pattern. Please ignore my flash, as these photos were photoed in the nighttime in my room. This is the second sock that I did, so the pattern was fun and easy by then and not the craptastic mess the two and a half repetitions the first one sports.

Better pictures of them on my feet coming soon. I already wore them to work and they're dirty now, so they need a nice wash.

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