Friday, February 9, 2007

Apple Hats - DONE

Haha, I have been on a knitblog posting roll! Either that, or I just talk a lot.

Anyways, Lejejuande's Mardi Gras Apple Hats are done! I did each one in a different base color, as you can see:

The colors came out a little funny in the photo. I'll see what I can do about that.

Yarn info: the green and purple were both Jaeger Matchmaker Merino Double Knitting (100% Merino Wool); 50g and 131yds each. Although I could have sworn the colors were written on the labels, instead I shall give you the dye lot numbers: Sh 897 Lot 5A4 and Lot 5K3. I can no longer tell you which Lot goes with which color. :C The yellow was Jaeger Baby Merino Double Knitting, also 50g and 131yds. They were really nice to knit with, but I loved the purple. So nice.

Up next: everything else I've ever talked about knitting.

<3, Ambrrr

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