Friday, November 7, 2008

Well Well Well

Long time no post! And look, me with absolutely no knitting photos. My sidebar is completely shot, guys... I'll have to do a complete overhaul sometime during Winter Break.

I'm actually posting to talk about one of my OTHER favorite things: PENS. In particular, JetPens, and their amazing selection of Japanese and otherwise hard to find pens, pencils, brushes and other fantastic items. I was lucky enough to get to review two colors of the Uni-ball Signo DX UM-151, in Lime Green and Mandarin Orange. Both are the .38mm size.

The main reason I haven't posted this review sooner (I am ashamed to tell you exactly when I got these, it was way too long ago) is that I've just been constantly using these pens. Uni-ball Signos are fantastic, I ordered one in Black (.38mm) and Green (.28mm) over the summer and use them constantly. I wasn't too sure about their new colors, they seemed way too bright. Again, because JetPens is so awesome they sent some samples out to reviewers, and I was chosen! It was like my birthday, Christmas, and some sort of pen related holiday all in one.

While they look bright at first, both the Lime Green and Mandarin Orange (the orange a bit more so) mellow out a little on paper, without the ink in the barrel being "deceptive" in color. I enjoy using them to write in dark classrooms. As with the other Signo DXes I own the ink flows smoothly from the first time you put pen to paper, with little to no bleed-through (even though I held the pen in place for three to four seconds). The line is thin and clear, and niiiiiiice.

Without reservations I recommend these pens, and any in the Uni-ball Signo DX line. Fantastic pens, great price, everyone wins.

Photos are forthcoming! And maybe one day some knitting.

<3 Ambrrr

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bad Pooling or Psychedelic Trip?

So, several months ago (middle of July-ish) I decided to knit some little socklets. I was inspired by the BMG Footies, but didn't really feel like reading a pattern. I just winged it. I obviously made a few mistakes, but they turned out pretty well, and are reasonably comfortable.

The yarn is Plymouth Happy Feet, which I had never seen until I bought this at the Stitchworks in Tulsa. It was really fun to watch as I was knitting. The individual colors are so much more vibrant than when you look at the finished project. There was a green that happened everyonceinawhile that I loved so mschool. I have a lot of long breaks in my schedule, that make great knitting time, assuming I don't have too much work to do. I had quite a uch, I almost wished the whole sock were that color. Also, there was the weirdest pooling I've ever seen in my life. I think I like it?

I knit the first sock this summer, on evening's after work. The second, I cast on while I was at school on my first day of grad few positive reactions on the several days I was sitting around knitting.

This is the first time I didn't meticulously count rows or make notes. I think I got the short row heels identical, but I'm not sure about the length of the foot. It's not noticeable even if it's not exact.

Pattern: My own, mostly
Yarn: Plymouth Happy Feet, less than one skein
Needles: US 2/ 2.75 mm.
Cast on: July 23, 2008
Cast off: September 6, 2008
No reason they took so long except that I moved, started school and had 8 other projects going in this time frame.

That's all for now.

I've done a few other things recently, so I'll update again. And I'll yell at miss ambrrr to update, cause I know she's got some good things goin'.

<3 uhlissa

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ravelry has Kidnapped our Devotion to the Blog

Dear Readers,

I apologize for our lack of posting. I'm blaming ravelry. Also, the fact that Ambrrr and I both work and are very easily distracted by the tv and rest of the internets.

Anyways, on to the knit goods:

I dyed my first yarns! I had dye and yarn sitting around for over a year, and finally used it. I did three different combinations of the three colors of dye (Lilac, Violet and Gunmetal). Something weird happened to one skein, so we won't be talking about it.

The darker skein has contributed to half a pair of sock. It's would be a whole pair of socks, but I get distracted. The sock is Catherine on US2s. The yarn, which is Knit Picks Bare, would have showed the pattern better if it weren't so dark. The colors managed to self stripe a little, which actually looks surprisingly cool. I also threw in a short row heel, which is my new passion. I love the pattern, and am pretty happy with the overall result.

My brother called me one night while I was working on abovementioned sock, and when I told him I was sock knitting, he demanded a pair. "demanded" might be too strong a word, but not really. All he said he wanted was black. I needed to find something he could wash and dry, since I have no faith in his ability to take care of things. I also needed a pattern that wouldn't bore me to death, but would be subtle enough for him. Per usual, I've only got one sock knit, but I'm so excited about it.

It's very difficult to photograph, and also looks silly as it was knit for a foot about three inches bigger than mine. That's part of why I haven't knit the second. He'll be here in a few weeks to help me move half way across the country. I will have him try the sock on, and then on the two day drive, I will knit the other sock. Or that's the plan.

Pattern: Rudy Got Sole
Needles: US 1 1/2 dpns. The smallest I've ever used. I love them.
Yarn; Regia Silk. I love it sooo much. I want to make myself something out of it.
I added a short row heel, because that's what I do now.

Every year I knit Whitney a birthday present. We were roommates both freshman and senior year of college, and she's one of my favorite people ever. Well, anyways, back when I knit my bolero, she kept trying to steal it, and suggested I make her a turquoise one. I totally intended to do it for Christmas ( I even went to Garden District Needlework and bought the yarn), but just now had the time and right occassion. I finished at about 130 this morning. I was determined, and needed to get it mailed today. But that's going to be my excuse for the crazy picture.

Pattern: Ribbed Lace Bolero
Yarn: Cascade 220 in Lagoon (7812)
Needles: US8 and US10 1/2 (which is why I think it took so long---the 10 1/2s were super slippery and not sharp enough)

I finally finished my bag. Last time I posted I mentioned I was in the mood to knit a bag. I actually started one, and it was sitting around for over a month just waiting for me to finish sewing up the strap. I just finished it, and am so excited, I already threw all my purse contents in it.
Pattern: Bag
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease in White Multi (IT SPARKLES!)
Lining it was pretty difficult, and the strap was a nightmare. Mostly because of my choice of construction. I didn't just want a garter stitch strap, so I knit a strip of stockinette, cut a piece of fabric, and sewed the fabric into the knittin (if that makes any sense...which it doesn't).

One more sock:
The artichoke sock. In lovely, lovely drops alpaca. This was my first short row heel, and how I fell in love with the technique. The sock looks strange and disproportionate, but it's so comfy.

Whew. That was a super post. I'll be back before too long. For now, I'm off to cast on something new.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh Dears

First off, let me just say how much I love the foto of Sheeps! in her pearls surrounded by yarns. This accurately depicts how Uhlissa and I spent our final times together at Tulane, but with more tears (in my case).

No knitting has been going on in these here Ohio parts, I've also hit something of a standstill in Uhlissa's graduation present. Hopefully it will be finished tomorrow and mailed soon... I sort of suck.

BUT! I know what I want to do for my next knitting project - Ene's Scarf left me drained and weary, I still haven't blocked the ends and it's been done for about 20 days now....

MONKEYS! Again! I knit Monkeys as my very first sock project, out of Knitpicks Memories in Yukon. They sadly felted and can no longer be found, and I was upset about this. BUT (AGAIN)! I have discovered Dream in Color Smooshy, in the shade of Lipstick Lava, and will soon (like in two weeks) order a skein to make Hot Hot Monkeys and everyone will be happy, most of all me.

So that is what's the what. Catch you later, my babies!

(Incidentally I too made a horrid 1930's housewife, which might be better for everyone in the long run)

<3 Ambrrr

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Uh Ohs

So, Ambrrr found this quiz, and I am proud to report I would have been a failure as a housewife in the 1930s. Honestly, this result is perfectly inline with my goals for myself as a woman.


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

Take the test!

I'm sure if it asked more about knitting, I'm sure I wouldn't have been such a failure. However, I would apparently make a pretty awesome 1930s husband. Good to know.


As a 1930s husband, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

Just thought I'd share with ya'll. No knitting update right now, even though I've made some progress on a bad I'm knitting. I'm pretty psyched about it.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Stash-Down Update

So, I've finished yet another project.

I made toeless socks. I'd been intrigued by the idea, and I have found them to be pretty much the best thing ever. I love knitting worsted weight socks because they go so quickly. I love toeless socks because I love flip flops. All of these things are wonderful. I love the color green I used. Check out some pictures, and then the details:

Pattern: Pedicure Socks from Knitty
Yarn: Cascade 220 in a gorgeous apple sort of green that's been in my stash since who knows when
Needles: US7 dpns

Took about two days to complete both of them. I tested them out by going to the mailbox a little while ago. They're totally great, especially on summer days like today, when it rained for eight hours and is about 20 degrees cooler than it has been the past few weeks.

Also, wanted to show my stashbusting progress:
The Baby blanket used 1 whole skein of cream colored baby soft and about half a skein each of blue and green. That's a total of 2 skeins.
The homespun hat used almost every bit of the skein of homespun. That makes three so far.
The quant used almost a whole skein of SWS. We're up to 4.
This beautiful specimen of footwear used about 75% of a skein, and I like to round up. 5 skeins!!

5 skeins is small when looking at it as a percentage of my stash, but still, it's a start. I'm in the mood to make a bag. I'm scouring the rav right now to find something inspiring.

<3 uhlissa

Friday, June 6, 2008

I Am A Knitting Machine

Hello World.

The past few days I've been knitting like crazy. I have also declared it THE SUMMER OF THE STASH. I'm going to try my darndest to resist purchasing any new yarn. I can't make any promises and it will definitely be an exercise in self-control, but I'm sure going to try.

Yesterday I finished a hat made from the homespun I received last year as part of the Secret Pal 10. I kind of winged the pattern based on my experience with Purl Bee Berets and the Mary Jane Pithy Hat.

I started with some 1x1 ribbing on a US4 circ. I changed to US7 and increased into every stitch. I decided it wasn't what I wanted and switched up to a 10 1/2, which I used for the rest of the hat. The yarn was a very interesting thick and thin in yellow with swirls of blue and red. In some spots the colors are gorgeously vibrant. I'm pretty happy with it. As a blonde, I really shouldn't wear yellow hats, but apparently I can't help my self.

Today, I finished my second quant.
I used Paton's SWS in natural pink on US8s. It went very quickly. I cast on last night and finished this afternoon. I'm totally enraptured with the joy that is entrelac. I can't wait to do some more. I'm not thrilled with how it turned out. It's almost too wide for my head, and I don't like the way the pattern ends. I'm not anticipating giving this a lot of wear, but it was indeed a stashbusting project, so no regrets.

As far as stashbusting goals go, I have four giant tubs of yarn, and keep finding more every time I unpack a box or dig through a bag. These projects almost completely used up full skeins. The baby blanket I finished used up a total of 2 skeins of yarn. I'm going to set my goal not in objects made, but in skeins used up from my stash.

So, here goes: Official Goal for Skeins Used This Summer*:3o

This number might be unrealistic or a complete underestimate. We'll see.

Share your goals, and let's all de-stash together!!

*Summer being defined as the period between graduation and the first day of graduate school.

<3 uhlissa

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Baby Knits

The blanket is done! Well, the knitting is done. It has some ends to be woven in and I'm going to attempt to block it. But overlooking those things, IT'S DONE! It took about two months, from casting on to binding off. Of course, in those two months, a lot of things other than knitting took place, like finishing college, graduating and moving.

Pattern: Round or Pinwheel Baby Blanket (found on ravelry, just like everything else I love)
Needles: US6, dpns, 16" and 47" circulars
Yarn: Lion Brand Baby Soft in cream, bluebell and pistachio. I used almost exactly the whole skein of cream and about half of each of the others.
I used a border that another raveler came up with, that a lot of people have used. Mine's not lying flat really, but I think the slight curl/ruffle is kind of nice.
I talked to the mommy-to-be yesterday and told her I was knitting her something. She was really excited, but I refused to tell her what it was. Apparently the blanket matches her color scheme. As soon as I get it all blocked I'll be taking it to her.

I'm really happy with the outcome, but I'm glad to be done. Near the end it became pretty tedious, and I'd take breaks to wind balls of other yarn and plan out future projects. Look forward to a handspun hat, another quant and various other beautiful things.

<3 uhlissa

p.s. congrats to ambrrr on being employed.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Oops, oh my!

Dearest Chickadees and Chickadudes,

My humblest, humblest apologies for neglecting this blargh for as long as I have. Dearest Uhlissa has been after me to update, so I must confess it is my own lackadaisical nature that led to the dearth of updates on my part.

As if stands, the BHnPKS has been temporarily disbanded due to two things: Summer Break, and the Grandest A+ Adventure of All: Uhlissa's Graduation! On May 17th Uhlissa graduated from Tulane with a fancy fancy degree and neat hat. There were robes involved, as well. There will soon be pictures of this grand event, and of us and BHnPKS mascot Sheeps! looking our smiley best.

On the knitting front, it is probably best if you can join us on the Rav. Most of my updates go there now, although soon I will start a summer internship (June 1st, to be exact) and we'll see what working from 8 to 4:30 does for knitting time. The real world! How does one deal with it?!

On the needles now: Ene's Scarf. I KNOW! Here are the notes I've posted on Rav:

Needles: Knitpicks Harmony Circs US 6, 47"
Yarn: Knitpicks Gloss in Dolphin, bought 4 skeins

5/19/08: Arrive home from Tulane. Drop by library to pick up “Scarf Style.” Cast on. 375 sts later, wishing self to be dead.

5/20/08: Row 3 of Chart 1 is confusing me. I am sad. May stab self with sharp, sharp Harmony circs.

5/20/08 B: Have figured out sekkrit. Is most sekkrit of sekkrits - the markers must move. SCIENCE!

5/21/08: Am now onto Chart 3, having finished Charts 1 and 2. Three shalt be the number of the chart, and the number of the chart shalt be three. Chart 4 shalt thou not knit (yet), nor either reknit thou Chart 2. Chart 5 is right out. Once Chart 3, being the third number, be reached, then, lobbest thou thy Scarf of Ene towards thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it.

As of today I'm onto the second repeat of five total of Chart 3... I can't say it's getting easier but I've definitely established a rhythm.

So keep cool, my babies!

<3 Ambrrr

Monday, April 21, 2008

We Meet Again

Dear Blog and Readers,

Ambrrr and I didn't mean to neglect you, and we are very sorry. Our lives have been overrun with things like school and trying to decide what to do with our futures. No big deal. In exciting news, I just got my acceptance letter for graduate school today. I already knew I had been accepted, because of some e-mail correspondence that had taken place, but having the physical letter is such a validation and thrill. Unfortunately, what this means is that Ambrrr and I will be separating ways in about a month. That does not mean the Black Heels and Purls will perish, it will just be written from cities 1400 miles apart. I promise you this distance will not affect our dedication (which exists, despite recent lapses in posting). And now dear readers, I update you on what's actually been accomplished, as far as knitting goes, in the past month of my life:

Charade Sock

Yes, just one. I finished it, and can't be inspired to start the other. I had a horrible time with this. I knit two inches knowing that it looked wrong before I figured out what I was doing. I ripped back and restarted. It went pretty quickly, and it's beautiful. I'm not really a big fan of the toe, but that's ok.
Made in Koigu KPPPM on size 2 dpns.

Spiral Baby Blanket

I've had my eye on this blanket for a long while, not really sure who I could make it for. A woman I worked with a few summers ago recently let me know she was having a baby boy in August. I decided immediately that a blanket was in order. I just started a few days ago, and am very excited about it.
It's knit in three colors of Lion Brand Baby Soft of US 6s. I'm worried that when it gets a bit larger in diameter I'm going to regret using something with such a fine gauge, but right now it's not so bad, and I'm really excited about how pretty it seems to be.

Sadly that's all that's been accomplished. Hopefully more soon.

With Love,

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hello World, How Are You?

Hello blog. I'm sorry I neglect you. I've been busy! I'd love to tell you I'm just focusing so much on school right now that I don't have time for anything else, but that would be a blatant lie. I play a lot of cards, juggle, knit a bit and am generally lazy.

But here's what I've been doing:
I knit juggling balls. They work. I love them.
Pattern: Oh Balls!
Yarn: Vanna's Choice in colors I just had sitting around
Needles: US7 dpns
I just used beans instead of fluff. Eventually I'll get a picture of my mad juggling skills for all of you to witness and appreciate.

On Valentine's Day I posted a picture of the Heart Bouquet, but didn't say anything about it. My friend Amy was my valentine. She put together a scavenger hunt and cooked dinner. I knit a bouquet of hearts and made desert.

There were a total of 16 hearts made from this pattern.
Yarns: Cascade 220 in Ruby; Red Heart Soft Yarn in Fuchsia; Vanna's Choice in Dusty Rose, Mustard, Purple, Brick, Dusty Purple, and some blue/green color; Wool Ease in dark rose heather, blue heather and ranch red; bernat cashmere blend in rain and ocean; karabella aurora 8 in some dark purple; and Berella 4 in burnt orange and rich pink.
Needles: US6 dpns

I also made some heart sachets for my roommates. The heart pattern is from the earflap of a hat in an old Knit.1. I stuffed them with fluff and added some potpourri.

I'm currently working on Charade socks. It's been an interesting adventure, which I will explore further once I finish them.

Happy Knitting!

<3 uhlissa

Friday, March 7, 2008

Oh. ... Whoops.

So, how about that knitblog? I vaguely remember something like that, where I would post pictures and talk about what I was crafting. That was nice.

Oh, what? That's here? Amazing!

I'm trying to remember what I've finished/worked on since we last spoke FOREVER ago.... I'l just go with what's up on the Rav.

- Clapotis (post photos)
- Artichoke Sock (needs photos)
- Deathscythe and Secret Santa Axel Mitts (take/post photos)
- Cheap-O Thorpe (take/post photos)
- Happy Fun Lime (post photos)
- Koolhaas (post photos)
- Ou y Quant? (post photos)
- Mini-o-metry (take/post photos)
- Hearts for Merith (take/post photos)

- Casey's Brioche Scarf (pretty much on hold at this point, haven't worked on it since December)
- Other Jellyfish Smooshy
- Jaywalkers - nearing completion and quite nice (take/post photos)

- Glittens on Kittens Also Wearing Mittens - kind of tight; yarn is annoying me

OK, now I shall go back to paying attention to this Digital Media lecture.

Ciao, bella(s)!

<3 Ambrrr

Thursday, February 7, 2008

How Ambrrr and Uhlissa Spent Their Mardi Gras: A Photo Essay

Ok. You caught me. This isn't really how we spent Mardi Gras. It's how we spent about four minutes of Lundi Gras (or "Monday" to all ya'll who are unfamiliar). Making faces. It's what we do. Actually, we did lots of other things. There were parades. And a wee bit of knitting. And more than a few drinks. We'll update soon with an actual update. Maybe. I just like to keep you guessing.
<3 uhlissa

Monday, January 28, 2008

I have so much free time I should have knit more than this

So, I find myself in my last semester of college. Bizarre. It's one of the strangest feelings I've ever had. It means my real life is fast approaching. It also means I'm only taking 12 hours and have a lot of time to do the things that I enjoy. This semester I've been doing a lot of things I enjoy, not just knitting. Sadly, that means there's not much to blog about right now.

But here are the things I've accomplished in the three weeks I've been back in school:
1. Malabrigo Mary Jane

Yarn: Malabrigo in violetas
Pattern: Mary Jane Pithy Hat
Needles: US9 ( I think..) that I borrowed from ambrrr
I'm in love with this hat. I love the pom pom. I did the decreases slightly more gradually than written in the pattern, to smooth things out a bit, but it's still a bit too gathered for my taste. I've worn it a couple of times, and it's mostly fun to pet.

2. Amelia Earhart Aviator Cap

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted in Dark Wool Heather.
Pattern: Amelia Earhart Aviator
Needles: US 8 (I think...) I should probably pay more attention.
My roommate describes this as my 20s swim cap. I kind of agree. It keeps my ears warm. I also added some braids. I'm debating on a pom-pom, because I seamed pretty poorly. Any opinions?

3. The never ending purl bee beret

Yarn: Lion Brand Microspun in Ebony
Pattern: Purl Bee Beret
Needles: US4
This hat has taken me longer than the one I made on 2s did. I just can't get into it, and the yarn splits a lot. The splitting has gotten better, but the first several rows were unpleasant. It was supposed to be for my aunt's birthday, but that was yesterday. I really like how it's looking, I just can't get it done.

My other free time has been spent homeworking (not so much) and painting. I don't normally paint but I was consumed by the desire, and have been working on this New Orleans collage.

Also, learning to juggle. (Damn those attractive boys and their ability to convince you to learn things you'd probably never even consider) There are no pictures of this. Thank god. I'm bad. But I'm convinced that one day I will be fantastically talented. I'll let you know if that day ever arrives.

Next on my list:
My mom really wants another pair of socks.
I promised my mom some baby knits for a colleague.
I really, really want to make Endpaper mitts. And I have the materials.
I want a lacy scarf. And I have the materials. I'm thinking maybe column of leaves or marnie's scarf. thoughts?
I also want another purl beret. I'm addicted. I can't help it.

Well, that's all. Just wanted to check in and let ya'll know I'm still alive. Ambrrr's alive too. I'll get her to post some time soon. I know she's been doing some crazy knitting.

Happy Monday ya'll.

<3 uhlissa

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Birthday Scarf, Malabrigo Mary Jane, and more

My dad's birthday was on Monday, and I tried to get this done for him by then, but it was impossible. He only decided three days before that he would be interested in a handknit scarf. I cast on with a different yarn, knit an entire repeat, and realized it just wasn't right. So, I headed to my favorite Tulsa lys, The Stitchworks, and got the Encore that worked fantastically. Right now it's blocking on my bed. I'm pretty proud of it. There are kind of a lot of minor errors, but nothing that really jumps out.

Pattern: His Scarf
Yarn: Plymouth Encore Worsted (love!) 2 skeins, gray.
Needles: US8 (which is why it took so long. I think the fabric would have ended up nicer had I bumped it up to a 9)

And, as promised last post, here's my quant. I just like how crazy I look in this picture. And yes, my hair just kind of defies gravity from time to time.

The specs::
Pattern: Quant
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Shadows (I love the color, it was just a poor choice in this pattern), about half a skein.
Needles: US8 dpns
I have decided I want to make a quant in a fingering weight version, kind of a narrower headband. If I remember correctly, I have some Knit Picks Memories left over from my Monkey socks that would be gorgeous. I'll have to hunt for it.

And finally - my brother gave me a skein of malabrigo for christmas! I'm beyond in love with the stuff. I'm making a mary jane pithy hat out of it. Unfortunately, because I was so focused on my dad's scarf, I haven't made much progress on it, but I'm already excited.

I've got a lot of fun projects planned. Mostly gifts that have been promised to people, because I pretty much can't say no. But, we can look forward to : a pair (or 2) of mittens, a muffler, some socks, a pocket scarf, a beret, and a very spirited scarf. And my stash keeps expanding, so who knows what'll happen next.

I'm headed back to school tomorrow, so the next update will be from New Orleans, where Ambrrr and I will be discussing some reader fun and other exciting adventures.
Until then,
<3 uhlissa

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Oh mi gah!


Pictures? Ha, you're funny, internet! Ok, ok, I promise (PROMISE) to have some up by this weekend. It is currently 16 degrees, not factoring in wind chill, and my mother categorically refuses to take my foto outside in the snow.

But yeah, the Clap is finally done. Thank the sweet, sweet baby Jesus. I ended up with 20 repeats of the straight section, as opposed to the 12 recommended. D:< And I still have the tiniest smidgen of Wollmeise left over, so we'll see what happens there.

I have the urge to finish that Artichoke Sock now. Hm.... we'll see. I'm somewhere in the short-row heel, I lost my place. Oh God, I don't want to have to rip it out.

UHLISSA, DARLING - I found my other issue of Interweave! And I have been promised a trip to Birds of a Feather in Avon, so I'm thinking some Mmmmmmmmalabrigo might be headed mmmmmmmmy way.

<3 Ambrrr, who kind of sucks at knitting things for other people

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How I Spent My Winter Vacation

Ok, so the break's not over, but I can sum it up for you with one fabulous picture.

Me and my mom's dog spent approximately 95 hours in this exact position last week. I was cold, she likes to cuddle. It worked out. I did get some knitting done, despite any doubts you may have.

Finished all my Christmas knits! It's a miracle. Of course, there really weren't that many, but I did it.

Unfortunately there are no pictures of the two I finished while lying with the dog - my mom's ladder of life socks and my brother's balaclava.

But here's my step-sister's scarf. I'm in love with it. She leaves it hanging over the banister, and I almost take it every time I walk upstairs. It's just a simple one x one rib, in SWS. A beautiful purple color. There's also some sparkly stuff in the tassels. Pretty much, it's awesome. Ignore my chins. Yes, I know it's sideways. It's my good side.

In other exciting news, I finally got my own camera! There will be no more waiting for ambrrr to let me steal hers! I'm so excited. I've taken kind of a lot of pictures of myself, because there's not much else going on here, and it's 16 degrees outside, and there's no way in hell I'm going out there. I looked at a weather map a bit ago, and who would have thought colder in Tulsa than in parts of Washington, New York or Wyoming.

I also knit a quant. It's not very pretty, and I don't think I like it. I'll post about it more some other time.

Hope everyone's enjoying the new year and all that jazz.

<3 uhlissa
p.s. - look forward to some interesting activities for all you readers ( there are readers, right?)... And just for fun, here's me being a sassy knitwear model...

If today had a theme, it would be "new year. new camera. new contacts. new hair." As these are all the things I'm currently excited about.