Thursday, January 10, 2008

Birthday Scarf, Malabrigo Mary Jane, and more

My dad's birthday was on Monday, and I tried to get this done for him by then, but it was impossible. He only decided three days before that he would be interested in a handknit scarf. I cast on with a different yarn, knit an entire repeat, and realized it just wasn't right. So, I headed to my favorite Tulsa lys, The Stitchworks, and got the Encore that worked fantastically. Right now it's blocking on my bed. I'm pretty proud of it. There are kind of a lot of minor errors, but nothing that really jumps out.

Pattern: His Scarf
Yarn: Plymouth Encore Worsted (love!) 2 skeins, gray.
Needles: US8 (which is why it took so long. I think the fabric would have ended up nicer had I bumped it up to a 9)

And, as promised last post, here's my quant. I just like how crazy I look in this picture. And yes, my hair just kind of defies gravity from time to time.

The specs::
Pattern: Quant
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Shadows (I love the color, it was just a poor choice in this pattern), about half a skein.
Needles: US8 dpns
I have decided I want to make a quant in a fingering weight version, kind of a narrower headband. If I remember correctly, I have some Knit Picks Memories left over from my Monkey socks that would be gorgeous. I'll have to hunt for it.

And finally - my brother gave me a skein of malabrigo for christmas! I'm beyond in love with the stuff. I'm making a mary jane pithy hat out of it. Unfortunately, because I was so focused on my dad's scarf, I haven't made much progress on it, but I'm already excited.

I've got a lot of fun projects planned. Mostly gifts that have been promised to people, because I pretty much can't say no. But, we can look forward to : a pair (or 2) of mittens, a muffler, some socks, a pocket scarf, a beret, and a very spirited scarf. And my stash keeps expanding, so who knows what'll happen next.

I'm headed back to school tomorrow, so the next update will be from New Orleans, where Ambrrr and I will be discussing some reader fun and other exciting adventures.
Until then,
<3 uhlissa

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