Monday, October 10, 2011

Twinkle, Twinkle

Hi there.

I've been making stars. I was thinking I wanted to make some Christmas ornaments for gifts this year, and decided I wanted to understand how stars work.

The six-pointed red and green one is a pattern called Star with Hearts that I found on ravelry. I used red and green mohair that's been in my stash for several years on US2s. The pattern was really well done, but I didn't really enjoy the process very much.

Then I started thinking that I might be able to adapt it to make a five pointed star using the same principals. Hey, as it turns out, I'm kind of brilliant and it worked. The five-pointed star was knit on US8s, with some acrylic worsted weight I've been trying to get rid of.
It's not perfect, because I'm bad at picking up stitches, and I need to make an adjustment to the body, but I think I understand what I need to do. I might, in fact, try again today and see if I can improve the design.

Apparently, my dog enjoys this star as much as I do. She kept trying to pick it up while I was taking pictures, and she finally got a hold of it while my attention was focused elsewhere. see:

<3 uhlissa (and tiny dog)