Monday, July 2, 2007

Secret Pal <3

My secret pal has revealed herself with yet another wonderful package. Carol has been absolutely amazing, and I've been very lucky to have such a great pal.

Check out the package:
Animal Crackers, Gummy Bears (that did not last long), a beautiful shawl, Creative Knitting magazine, pattern for sock shaped bookmark, two skeins of marks and kattens clown sock yarn, piggy shaped soap, a little pillow of potpourri, and a crossword dictionary!

I am lost for words to express how amazing my secret pal has been. And, to make it even more special, we're birthday buddies!

In other news:

Started my roommate's sweater. It's based off of this pattern, but I've changed a lot. Mostly, made it cabled. It's bright pink. I've only made it through a couple of inches of the back, but I'm very, very excited.

While she was trying to decide what she wanted, I started on my razor cami. I've been dreaming of it for quite some time, and finally decided it was time. Mine is black and a little bit sparkly. I've not done much of it, but I'm hoping it'll look good.

There will be pictures when I make enough progress to make cell phone pictures worthwhile.

I really need a camera.

<3 uhlissa

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Pooch said...

You are most welcome, Alissa. Your new projects are very pretty! Have fun knitting them!