Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Not Dead!

I swear. It's been a crazy month, blogland. Cra-zay, even.

I've got a bunch of WIPs for you, as well as FOs, so hopefully I'll get those up this weekend. Studio is kicking my butt, and tonight is Halloween!! I am going with a group dressing up as holidays, and I am Kwanzaa. More specifically, the Kwanzaa Liberation Force, from The Hebrew Hammer. I will most likely offend someone.

So, since for some reason I can't change the settings when posting from this account, my WIPs are:

- Wollmeise Clapotis
- Casey's Brioche Scarf
- Baby's First Noro (Noro Scarf)
- Artichoke Socks

And now, I guess I should go back to paying attention in class.

Gettin' her money right,

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