Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Man, that took a while. In other news, lots of photos!

And now, for an FO post to end all FO posts (or possibly not, I'm variable on these things):

Pattern: "Baggage" Elisa's Nest Tote
Needles: US 10.5 straights and US 6 DPNs for handles and edging
Yarn: Lion Brand Lion Cotton Solid in Seaspray, 236 yds/ 140 g (Definitely didn't use the whole thing)
Modifications: None

This was a quick and easy knit, once I figured out what I was doing wrong stitch-count wise (forgetting to put in a YO, oops). I'm definitely going to make more, just perhaps in the round instead of flat.



Next project!



Pattern:"Rattlesnake Bones" Purl Bee Beret
Needles: US 2 32" circ (KnitPicks)
Yarn: Super Awesome Handdyed from Secret Pal, 200 yds/50g (with a smidge left over, should have made it bigger)
Modifications: Used a smaller needle size 'cos I don't have any US 3 circs. MEH.

I freaking love knitting this beret. It's easy, fun and looks really neat. Mum won't let me wear it 'cos it's summer, and in her words I'd "look crazy." D: I'm using the same pattern to make Anna's "Third Time's The Charm," 'cos I frogged those AWFUL socks and started this in a stripey pattern instead. Whoo! A quick look at that:


Alright, she'll only be able to wear it on St Patrick's day (and if she ever becomes a Rasta), but whatevs. I am tired of this yarn, I never want to see it again. Oh, dang, I have a black and green skein each down in NOLA. Methinks... Destash? Anyways, there it is. I have done essentially nothing with the Chevron, but you can check out the latest photos of it on my Flickr.

Ambrrr out!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bear Hat and more

I've been knitting. and working. and being socially awkward.

I knit my friend a bear hat for her birthday.
Here she is:
Clearly she's very excited about it, as I was making it. It's the siberia hat pattern from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. I used a variety of eyelash yarns from Hobby Lobby, so it's actually pretty sparkly, and the inside of the ears are bright green.

Also, currently knitting some socks for another friend's birthday that's coming up. I've decided to take a break from Sara's sweater, which is progressing rather slowly and focus on birthday knits.

<3 uhlissa

Monday, July 23, 2007

Um... whoops.

So, remember how there was that new project, and I was having issues, and I was going to blog about it?

.... I finished it. Today.


I even took pictures, and now have to do a FO shoot as well. It turned out nicely, once I got over the fact that I can't count/make YOs to save my life.

Also, I may have started something else.


(shamefacedly), Ambrrr <3

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Have started new project. Will blog about soon. Am mildly infuriated by it.

Chevron still going. No photos, my bad. Have been getting some work hours, which is good. Ambrrr loves money. Photos soon, Ambrrr promises. That was not a fragment. Or that! Oh, dang.

<3 Ambrrr

Friday, July 13, 2007

Oh Dang!

Hey y'all. I promise that I am still Chevroning, and also working on a new round of baggages for my Etsy shop(pe). I just talked to Uhlissa today, and she too is workin' and knittin'. Peektures for you soon!

busy like both a bee and a beaver, Ambrrr <3

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Etsy Etsy Bo Betsy

Hey knitblogosphere! I (Ambrrr) have just opened up my very own Etsy shop, where I'm selling handmade project bags. I'd be ever so grateful if you would check them out*.

* And perhaps make a purchase? :D

Still Working on Her Chevron Scarf, Ambrrr

Monday, July 2, 2007

Secret Pal <3

My secret pal has revealed herself with yet another wonderful package. Carol has been absolutely amazing, and I've been very lucky to have such a great pal.

Check out the package:
Animal Crackers, Gummy Bears (that did not last long), a beautiful shawl, Creative Knitting magazine, pattern for sock shaped bookmark, two skeins of marks and kattens clown sock yarn, piggy shaped soap, a little pillow of potpourri, and a crossword dictionary!

I am lost for words to express how amazing my secret pal has been. And, to make it even more special, we're birthday buddies!

In other news:

Started my roommate's sweater. It's based off of this pattern, but I've changed a lot. Mostly, made it cabled. It's bright pink. I've only made it through a couple of inches of the back, but I'm very, very excited.

While she was trying to decide what she wanted, I started on my razor cami. I've been dreaming of it for quite some time, and finally decided it was time. Mine is black and a little bit sparkly. I've not done much of it, but I'm hoping it'll look good.

There will be pictures when I make enough progress to make cell phone pictures worthwhile.

I really need a camera.

<3 uhlissa