Saturday, September 17, 2011

A blog post by Ambrrr! Who is not dead!

Guten tag, everybody!

So somehow I am still around? I don't know. I have no good reasons/excuses/panicked thoughts that would explain my extended absence. I get distracted, and then I go do other things. Knitting-wise I mainly post my projects on my Ravelry page, so if you can access that hurrah! Life-wise I am still unemployed (although at one point I was working three part-time jobs at once; that was crazy) and still sad about it. I was in California from March to July looking for something out on the West Coast but NOPE. So if you know of someone who needs a knitting intern architect, I am your lady.

Mainly life-wise I have been taken over by the BBC series Sherlock. Have you watched Sherlock? If you haven't just stop right now and go look it up on Netflix. I'll wait.

OK, are you doing it? Have you done it? Good.

THIS SERIES, GUYS. I love it so much. I'm trying not to talk about it until Uhlissa has seen it also (AGAIN, it is ON NETFLIX INSTANT, just three 90 minute episodes so far) so I'll just say that everything about it makes me super happy.


This hat is one of the few things I've actually knit recently. The other things are still waiting to be photographed. (I have never been good at pictures, have I?) My pal Sam likes Firefly, and so do I, so I made this for him. Then I took this picture when we went to a rodeo in California! Crazy times.

OK, I'mma go get some knitting done. Actually, I ripped off my fingernail last night, so knitting might have to wait a bit. But I'mma go do SOMETHING.

LOVE, Ambrrr (and a llama)
(Llamas have fur that we use in knitting sometimes, right?)

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