Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Insanity strikes again

So today I walked out to the mailbox to get, well, the mail. And lo and behold there was some sorta package waiting for me!

Oh Jesus, I thought. Did I order yarn in my sleep? Who do I know in Pennsylvania?

And HEY! It was the US 2 DPNs Kate gave away! I actually forgot I'd asked for them, and since she is an extremely wonderful person they came with two skeins of Classic Elite Yarns Lush Angora Wool! EXCLAMATION MARKS!!! I'll get some photos when the sun actually comes out.

So that was a super awesome start to the day. Thanks again, Kate!

The "insanity" part of this post involves Wollmeise yarn. Have you heard of this stuff? It appears to have pure, sweet crack spun straight into the fiber. There is simply no other explanation for why I have been staring at the website for the last hour, drooling. I am going to get my hands on some of that Red Hot Chili sock yarn and make a Clapotis if it kills me.

Let's see... *whips out accounting books* 14 Euro for the yarn, and approx 8 for shipping...WHO CARES?! *throws accounting books into air* There are 574 yards in a skein. I will gladly pay for that, sir.

And using some random method of Clap-making (which I currently cannot find to link to), if I pay close attention and weigh the yarn as I go 574 yards should be more than enough for the Scarf-o-tis I want. Oh ho ho baby.

OK, time for more Wollmeise droolery.

<3 Ambrrr

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