Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So school is back in session. Well, almost, classes start tomorrow. In either case, I've been working pretty much non-stop at Card Services for Freshman Orientation. And the only project on the needles right now is a pair of Fetching I'm doing in exchange for some pirated Dr. Who episodes. That 10th Doctor. I loves him so.

Picatures and whatnot soon, I hope! It's been rainy and gross and just no fun to be outside.

Poor and sad, Ambrrr <3

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Nanna Fanna Fo Fetsy

Yet another update to my Etsy shop, Green Lotus! Eight new bags, check 'em out. Support my Wollmeise habit, which I don't really quite have yet, but am looking to develop.

Also, send good thoughts our way for Hurricane Dean to weaken and not bother New Orleans. In fact, let's hope for NO hurricanes to bother us, except for the kind that we drink.

Hoping to get drunk soon, Ambrrr

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Insanity strikes again

So today I walked out to the mailbox to get, well, the mail. And lo and behold there was some sorta package waiting for me!

Oh Jesus, I thought. Did I order yarn in my sleep? Who do I know in Pennsylvania?

And HEY! It was the US 2 DPNs Kate gave away! I actually forgot I'd asked for them, and since she is an extremely wonderful person they came with two skeins of Classic Elite Yarns Lush Angora Wool! EXCLAMATION MARKS!!! I'll get some photos when the sun actually comes out.

So that was a super awesome start to the day. Thanks again, Kate!

The "insanity" part of this post involves Wollmeise yarn. Have you heard of this stuff? It appears to have pure, sweet crack spun straight into the fiber. There is simply no other explanation for why I have been staring at the website for the last hour, drooling. I am going to get my hands on some of that Red Hot Chili sock yarn and make a Clapotis if it kills me.

Let's see... *whips out accounting books* 14 Euro for the yarn, and approx 8 for shipping...WHO CARES?! *throws accounting books into air* There are 574 yards in a skein. I will gladly pay for that, sir.

And using some random method of Clap-making (which I currently cannot find to link to), if I pay close attention and weigh the yarn as I go 574 yards should be more than enough for the Scarf-o-tis I want. Oh ho ho baby.

OK, time for more Wollmeise droolery.

<3 Ambrrr

Socks, etc.

So, we'll just ignore that last attempt at a post, alright?

I've been working on a pair of birthday socks for my friend Cara.

Pattern: Best Foot Forward from Knit Socks
Yarn: JoJoLand Melody in a color that I'm disappointed in. I thought it was all greens and purples, but turned out there was a weird orange bit. I do like working with the yarn a lot though.
Needles: bamboo US2 dpns
This is the current state of the second sock. As Cara's birthday is very soon, the first sock is getting mailed today along with this picture and the promise that I'm working on it as much as I can.

I chose the pattern from this book which I received from my Secret Pal for Secret Pal 10, and this is the second pattern I've used. Well, technically, I've only finished one sock from each pair, but I promise the mates are in the works.

I think I already posted about the other sock from this book that I was working on, but didnt' take pictures after it was finished. Here it is, along with the pitiful beginnings of it mate.

Well, that's all I wanted to share for now. My current goal is to finish both these pairs of socks,and get back to Sara's sweater for a while before getting distracted by something else.

<3 uhlissa

Monday, August 13, 2007

Long Time No See

I know it appears that I have disappeared, but that's just not the case.

I'm in Oklahoma. It's about 103 degrees outside today, so clearly I was inspired to go to yarn stores, and play with wool. Of course I bought some sock yarn, and upon returning home realized my stash has pretty much been growing exponentially this summer. Only complaining, because I'm running out of room, and am tired of dragging all my yarn with me from city to city on my journeys. Well, I took some pictures of my expanding stash, and of some projects I've been working on, and unfortunately picture quality was poor. So here's what I think's still worth sharing for now, and later this week I'll do a proper photo shoot.

The yarn I acquired today:

A very blurry sock:

The laundry basket of yarn I have gathered just in the past three months:

I will post more later this week when I have the time and energy to get better pictures.

<3 uhlissa

Friday, August 10, 2007

Wow, another FO post? And it's ALL KnitPicks? MAN.

I have this feeling of impending doom about being able to knit during the semester, so I just knocked out the rest of my UFOs.

Anna's "Third Time's the Charm" Purl Bee Beret

Pattern: "Third Time's The Charm" Purl Bee Beret
Needles: US 2 32" circ (KnitPicks)
Yarn: KnitPicks Palette in Orange and Green (waaaaaay less than a skein each)
Modifications: Made stripes, used jogless join found here, second one listed

OK, unless Anna becomes an Irish Rasta I doubt she will wear this much. In fact, I fear that it is too small (what is this GAUGE you speak of, internets?), but whatevs. It can become a drinking hat, or something utterly ridiculous. Look, I have seen some of the outfits those Vassar kids wear for funsies, and this hat will not stand out. MOVING ON.

Sam's Space Invader's Hat

Pattern: Sam's Space Invaders Hat
Needles: US 7 16" (Addi Natura) and US 7 DPNs (Clover, Takumi, one of those)
Yarn: KnitPicks Shine Worsted in Grass (1) and Ebony (2)
Modifications: I completely made up this pattern, with the exception of the Space Invaders characters from BMP in Knitty

So I promised Sam I'd made him an awesome knitted hat for his graduation present. AND HERE IT IS. Sam likes video games and things that are neat, so I thought he'd enjoy this. In a state of frantic domesticnessosity I knit this in like... two days. It was pretty fun.

Delicious Cell Phone Cozy

Pattern: Delicious Cell Phone Cozy
Needles: Bryspun US 5 straights
Yarn: KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in Snickerdoodle and Pink Cheeks
Modifications: I used strings of 3 seed beads instead of tubey ones, no biggie

THIS IS FOR UHLISSA!!!! This was the surprise I was trying to keep from her, and FAILED, because I got too super excited about it and had to post it. I've plenty (PLENTY) of WotA left, I think I'll make a larger one to hold my iPod. WHEEEEEEE.

OK, I'm tired. THE END. More photos can be found on my Flickr.

<3 Ambrrr

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Happy August!

I just ordered some yarn and needles from KnitPicks for two upcoming projects. I'd tell you what they are, but that'd just take all of the fun out of it.


That's really all I had to say. I can't believe it's been almost 8 months since we started this here knitblog up! I'm surprised we haven't been distracted by something shiny (although to be honest Ravelry has really taken up a lot of my time recently, it is FANTSTICALLY shiny). Or that we haven't broken the internets. It's happened!

I'll stop while I'm (vaguely) ahead.

<3 Ambrrr