Monday, April 21, 2008

We Meet Again

Dear Blog and Readers,

Ambrrr and I didn't mean to neglect you, and we are very sorry. Our lives have been overrun with things like school and trying to decide what to do with our futures. No big deal. In exciting news, I just got my acceptance letter for graduate school today. I already knew I had been accepted, because of some e-mail correspondence that had taken place, but having the physical letter is such a validation and thrill. Unfortunately, what this means is that Ambrrr and I will be separating ways in about a month. That does not mean the Black Heels and Purls will perish, it will just be written from cities 1400 miles apart. I promise you this distance will not affect our dedication (which exists, despite recent lapses in posting). And now dear readers, I update you on what's actually been accomplished, as far as knitting goes, in the past month of my life:

Charade Sock

Yes, just one. I finished it, and can't be inspired to start the other. I had a horrible time with this. I knit two inches knowing that it looked wrong before I figured out what I was doing. I ripped back and restarted. It went pretty quickly, and it's beautiful. I'm not really a big fan of the toe, but that's ok.
Made in Koigu KPPPM on size 2 dpns.

Spiral Baby Blanket

I've had my eye on this blanket for a long while, not really sure who I could make it for. A woman I worked with a few summers ago recently let me know she was having a baby boy in August. I decided immediately that a blanket was in order. I just started a few days ago, and am very excited about it.
It's knit in three colors of Lion Brand Baby Soft of US 6s. I'm worried that when it gets a bit larger in diameter I'm going to regret using something with such a fine gauge, but right now it's not so bad, and I'm really excited about how pretty it seems to be.

Sadly that's all that's been accomplished. Hopefully more soon.

With Love,

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