Monday, July 21, 2008

Ravelry has Kidnapped our Devotion to the Blog

Dear Readers,

I apologize for our lack of posting. I'm blaming ravelry. Also, the fact that Ambrrr and I both work and are very easily distracted by the tv and rest of the internets.

Anyways, on to the knit goods:

I dyed my first yarns! I had dye and yarn sitting around for over a year, and finally used it. I did three different combinations of the three colors of dye (Lilac, Violet and Gunmetal). Something weird happened to one skein, so we won't be talking about it.

The darker skein has contributed to half a pair of sock. It's would be a whole pair of socks, but I get distracted. The sock is Catherine on US2s. The yarn, which is Knit Picks Bare, would have showed the pattern better if it weren't so dark. The colors managed to self stripe a little, which actually looks surprisingly cool. I also threw in a short row heel, which is my new passion. I love the pattern, and am pretty happy with the overall result.

My brother called me one night while I was working on abovementioned sock, and when I told him I was sock knitting, he demanded a pair. "demanded" might be too strong a word, but not really. All he said he wanted was black. I needed to find something he could wash and dry, since I have no faith in his ability to take care of things. I also needed a pattern that wouldn't bore me to death, but would be subtle enough for him. Per usual, I've only got one sock knit, but I'm so excited about it.

It's very difficult to photograph, and also looks silly as it was knit for a foot about three inches bigger than mine. That's part of why I haven't knit the second. He'll be here in a few weeks to help me move half way across the country. I will have him try the sock on, and then on the two day drive, I will knit the other sock. Or that's the plan.

Pattern: Rudy Got Sole
Needles: US 1 1/2 dpns. The smallest I've ever used. I love them.
Yarn; Regia Silk. I love it sooo much. I want to make myself something out of it.
I added a short row heel, because that's what I do now.

Every year I knit Whitney a birthday present. We were roommates both freshman and senior year of college, and she's one of my favorite people ever. Well, anyways, back when I knit my bolero, she kept trying to steal it, and suggested I make her a turquoise one. I totally intended to do it for Christmas ( I even went to Garden District Needlework and bought the yarn), but just now had the time and right occassion. I finished at about 130 this morning. I was determined, and needed to get it mailed today. But that's going to be my excuse for the crazy picture.

Pattern: Ribbed Lace Bolero
Yarn: Cascade 220 in Lagoon (7812)
Needles: US8 and US10 1/2 (which is why I think it took so long---the 10 1/2s were super slippery and not sharp enough)

I finally finished my bag. Last time I posted I mentioned I was in the mood to knit a bag. I actually started one, and it was sitting around for over a month just waiting for me to finish sewing up the strap. I just finished it, and am so excited, I already threw all my purse contents in it.
Pattern: Bag
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease in White Multi (IT SPARKLES!)
Lining it was pretty difficult, and the strap was a nightmare. Mostly because of my choice of construction. I didn't just want a garter stitch strap, so I knit a strip of stockinette, cut a piece of fabric, and sewed the fabric into the knittin (if that makes any sense...which it doesn't).

One more sock:
The artichoke sock. In lovely, lovely drops alpaca. This was my first short row heel, and how I fell in love with the technique. The sock looks strange and disproportionate, but it's so comfy.

Whew. That was a super post. I'll be back before too long. For now, I'm off to cast on something new.


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