Sunday, July 19, 2009

Say Whaaaaaat?

It's amazing! I'M ALIVE!

Yes, dear readers, contrary to popular belief I am not hidden away in a bunker somewhere so Uhlissa can take over the blagh. No, no, the truth is much sadder - I am graduated, unemployed and sad. D:

But I HAVE been knitting a little! Mostly my attention is divided between:

- a present for a cute couple I know, half of which I worked with at the Tulane Regional Urban Design Center. Is this all an insidious plan to steal their adorable mini Dachshund? Maybe. I can say no more.
- a shrug that used to be my February Lady Sweater and is currently a Little Peacock Shrug (although my inability to read the pattern properly means I'll probably be frogging it to make something else soon).
- a Montego Bay scarf that I cast on and knit one pattern repeat of approximately... a month ago. I didn't even put it up on Ravelry, that's how much attention I've paid to it.
- An Amineko crocheted cat for my little cousin out of some yarn I've got hanging around. I have not worked on it for a month and a half. (Rav Pattern Link)

So clearly the blagh isn't the only thing suffering from my ADD. Job searching takes up a lot of my time too, as does all the crying and sitting in the fetal position. You know, busy times.

As if I didn't have enough to think about and do I've started hula hooping to loose weight. It's extremely fun, and if you listen to music time passes like you wouldn't believe. I just started yesterday and I am going to have bruises, let me tell you.

OK, off to look at patterns for the Noro sock yarn Uhlissa bought me for my birthday last year. Wheeeeeee!

- Love love AMBRRR


emily said...

My vote for the Noro sock yarn is Ishbel by Ysolda. Seriously.

Alissa said...

Psyched that you listened to me and actually updated! Yea! Now, next time I'll know that my requests must be more specific to include pictures and compliments about me....