Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Freakin' Awesome SP!

I received one more package from my Secret Pal, who revealed herself to be Ms. Beth C of Numerical Knitting. It pretty much goes without saying that it is freaking amazing.

Three KP 32" circs, in 0,1 and 2, THREE skeins of GLORIOUS handdyed superwash merino (about 600 yds total), a cute lil quilted heart-pocket, and Nicole Miller fanciness. WHAT!! Too awesome. Mum tried to steal the Nicole Miller, but I caught her.

Beth, you are too amazing for words. Be on the lookout for a package of your own soon!

In total awe, Ambrrr

OH, I almost forgot that I cast on for my Chevron Scarf. Here it is when I'd first started out:

Chevron Scarf

Chevron close up

It's about 14 3/4" long now. Wheee!


Alissa said...

The scarf is really pretty. I don't know why you were concerned.I look forward to more pictures.

bethc said...

Glad you enjoyed! I think the Chevron looks great, in fact I have started my own :)