Sunday, June 10, 2007

What what!


I was staring at it, and it seemed to be mocking me, and the long, pointy DPNs seemed to be daring me to do something about it. SO I DID.

I am now working on what I'm calling "Mata Hari Drowned," using the Mata Hari pattern from Craftoholic. Instead of evoking bullet holes, the yos look like escaping air bubbles in the blue/purple Koigu. Oh, was that too morbid? I can be strangely morbid sometimes.

So here's where I am so far. I am slightly making it up as I go along, since there's really no pattern.

It was a nice day outside, so I did a bit of fresh-air knittery. I've just finished the gusset, actually, and am taking a break before I tackle both job hunting and working on the foot tomorrow. SIGH. Won't someone give me money to knit? Knit things for myself and for fun? Not for anyone else? D:

And now for a farewell photo of Pomatomus. Pomatomus, we hardly knew ye. Perhaps we will meet again someday, when I have more patience, sock yarn and circular needles.

In need of cash, Ambrrr (<3)


Alissa said...

I've always loved that Matahari pattern. I might have to make some now too. Thanks a lot.

nova said...

Oh Pomotamus, we hardly knew you. Hello Mata Hari! The new sock looks great!