Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Obsessions: Ravelry and Clapotis*

Hokay, I have seen two things that I already have & love/must have & love.

1. Ravelry

2. Clapotis

The first can be blamed for the second. I've seen Clapotis (or "the Clap" as I've fondly taken to calling it in my head, although the less frightening nickname seems to be "the Clapper") a million billion times before, and never really thought twice about it. Oooh, a shawl, I thought. How fancy. OMG SOCKS. And then I signed up for Ravelry about a month or so ago, forgot about it, and went about my "bidnezz," as the kids are calling it these days.

Then I got the invite in my email, signed up and WHAM. Ravelry is AMAZING. Perhaps because I am inclined to things that help me sort out my v busy and v complex internet life (har har) Ravelry is perfect for my knitting habits. You can organize your projects, stash, needles, everything on here. PLUS you can see what other knitters/crocheters are up to, talk about projects and yarn, it's awesome.

AND THEN! I noticed how utterly, utterly amazing Clapotis is. Perhaps the yarn used for Knitty just didn't set right with me (I'm not really a magenta-bright-pink-yellow kind of lady, you see), even though the model is adorable and the setting amazing (PARIS FRANCE?! YES). But all of the different yarns, and color combos, and WOW. I have to make this thing. I've already added it to my "queue" (which is another reason Ravelry is so neat, you can add a bookmark to your browser and bookmark patterns on the interwebs) and and and!! I want it!

I can't decide which yarn to use, ie BUY, ie OH GOD I HAVE NO MONEY, ie CRY. :D I've been looking at WEBS and Elann and various and sundry places. In all actuality this is my queue:

1. Mata Hari Drowned (Slowly coming along, am still on the foot of the first one)
2. Sam's Space Invaders Hat (which I will talk about in a future post, I don't actually have the yarn for this yet)
3. Anna's Oh-My-Stars Socks (>:C)
4. Clapotis

You can see how far down the list it is! This is sad. I have spoken to dearest Uhlissa about Clap, and she, like a sane person, was like "knit something else from your stash, work on your current projects," all that common sense that no one wants to hear. Well, my lack of fundulation make cause Dearest to get her wish. Curse you, Uhlissa, and your Voice of Reason!

Also, here is a picture of Yazoo, sitting on my bed next to some found US straights in sizes 8, 9 and 10 1/2. WEIRD!

His sneer says "Go work on MHD, and get off the internets!"

Sad over lack of monies and Clapotis, Ambrrr

*An accidental rhyme, I swear!


Alissa said...

i am so sorry that i'm the voice of reason. and i've decided clapotis is actually pretty cool, having recently checked a few out. i'm very excited about MHD though, and want to see them completed. maybe i'll finish the pair of socks i've been working on for the past two months, if you finish something inspiring.

the hus said...

more pictures of yaz!!! perhaps you should start a blog just for him, i would love it.

ps. working in a firm is just like working in studio, only in that you try to make up as many excuses as possible to not do work, which is why i find myself reading your knit blog. ooo, almost lunches! gotta run.