Friday, August 10, 2007

Wow, another FO post? And it's ALL KnitPicks? MAN.

I have this feeling of impending doom about being able to knit during the semester, so I just knocked out the rest of my UFOs.

Anna's "Third Time's the Charm" Purl Bee Beret

Pattern: "Third Time's The Charm" Purl Bee Beret
Needles: US 2 32" circ (KnitPicks)
Yarn: KnitPicks Palette in Orange and Green (waaaaaay less than a skein each)
Modifications: Made stripes, used jogless join found here, second one listed

OK, unless Anna becomes an Irish Rasta I doubt she will wear this much. In fact, I fear that it is too small (what is this GAUGE you speak of, internets?), but whatevs. It can become a drinking hat, or something utterly ridiculous. Look, I have seen some of the outfits those Vassar kids wear for funsies, and this hat will not stand out. MOVING ON.

Sam's Space Invader's Hat

Pattern: Sam's Space Invaders Hat
Needles: US 7 16" (Addi Natura) and US 7 DPNs (Clover, Takumi, one of those)
Yarn: KnitPicks Shine Worsted in Grass (1) and Ebony (2)
Modifications: I completely made up this pattern, with the exception of the Space Invaders characters from BMP in Knitty

So I promised Sam I'd made him an awesome knitted hat for his graduation present. AND HERE IT IS. Sam likes video games and things that are neat, so I thought he'd enjoy this. In a state of frantic domesticnessosity I knit this in like... two days. It was pretty fun.

Delicious Cell Phone Cozy

Pattern: Delicious Cell Phone Cozy
Needles: Bryspun US 5 straights
Yarn: KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in Snickerdoodle and Pink Cheeks
Modifications: I used strings of 3 seed beads instead of tubey ones, no biggie

THIS IS FOR UHLISSA!!!! This was the surprise I was trying to keep from her, and FAILED, because I got too super excited about it and had to post it. I've plenty (PLENTY) of WotA left, I think I'll make a larger one to hold my iPod. WHEEEEEEE.

OK, I'm tired. THE END. More photos can be found on my Flickr.

<3 Ambrrr


Uhlissa said...

for me!?!? (squeals of excitement....) i do love surprises.

you, sir, have been mighty productive. i'm jealous. i have completed a sock recently. there will be pictures soon .

miss you much. can't wait to get back to the nola. we'll squeeze in some quality knitting time before school consumes us both.

Uhlissa said...

oh, and also...

how i do love cutlery.