Sunday, January 7, 2007

What fresh hell is this?

So I suck. A lot. At everything. But since this is the BH 'n P KS, let's talk about how I suck at knitting.

I'm trying (key word: trying) to work on Monkey, but it is killing me. I have no idea how to go about knitting a yarn over. In fact, I just realized I've been doing them wrong.

OK, let's start from the very beginning (a very good place to start..... and now the Sound of Music is in my head.):

Today I received my KnitPicks purchase: two skeins of Memories in Yukon and Clover US no2 needles. THEY ARE TINY. Oh, arthritis!! Anyway, I got super excited and tried to wind one of them into a ball...... cut to four hours later and me throwing the gnarled remains of probably 30 ft of yarn against the wall. I'll bring it back to Tulane, maybe Dani can salvage it. Anywhoo I've got (hopefully) enough for one sock. And I'll hold off on winding that other one. D:

So now that I've got (some) yarn and my needles, I go for it. I tried long-tail cast on, then cable cast on, and finally went back to long-tail. I realized that I seriously hate casting on. Finally got it loose enough to knit but tight enough not to look stupid.

1 inch of twisted rib knit later... I begin the lace pattern. .... I have never knit lace before. How hard can it be? TERRIBLE. THAT'S HOW HARD IT CAN BE. :C

I'm giving it a rest for tonight (it's only 4am!), and I'll look fresh at it in the morning. God, what possessed me to do this? I'd rather cast on the 120 sts for Caliometry again. DDD:

<3 Ambrrr


Black Heels & Purls said...

I'll cast on for your socks if you cast on for my calorimetry....
<3 uhlissa

Black Heels & Purls said...

Nice try, Uhlisssa!! 64 vs 120..... even I am not THAT bad at maths! XD

Black Heels & Purls said...

I'll teach you to yarn over correctly if you cast on 1/2 of my calorimetry....