Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Rule, Finished Object and other Fun

New Rule: I will buy no more yarn until I finish at least one of the following projects:
1. Mom's shawl
2. Gryffindor Scarf
3. Hufflepuff Scarf
Thank you. It seems I've gotten a little bit (and by that I mean RIDICULOUSLY) addicted to buying yarn. Unfortunately, I don't knit nearly quickly enough to make my buying habit acceptable.
My yarn box is overflowing, and now every bag, box, object-shaped-in-a-way-in-which-to-hold-things in my room is now full of yarn.
I'm not exactly upset, just broke.
Well, anyways, on to the knitting update.
I should be working on my Gryffindor scarf, becuase I'm making it for someone who's going to pay me. So of course I'm only on the third stripe. 3rd of 19. And barely on the 3rd stripe, at that. I promise I'm going to sit down and work on it.
The past few days, I've been working only half days because I'll get to work and they run out of things to have me do. It's been nice. Yesterday this enabled me to buy too much yarn, and knit my calorimetry. Because I'm an absolute poser, I used the same yarn that ambrrr did. Paton's SWS. Mine's pink. See:

I don't remember which color exactly though. The yarn was a little bit splitty, but I really liked working with it, and I love the texture. I'm going to have to look into more soy/wool blend yarns. This is a silly picture that I took in the mirror, but if you look closely you can see the back of my calorimetry and my crazy hair. Don't pay too much attention, becuase I haven't sewn on a button yet, and I just tied the tails together to temporarily keep it on my head:
Other than my lovely calorimetry, I started a shawl for my mom two days ago. A month or two ago she had mentioned something about a shawl, and the other day I was at Hobby Lobby,and some really beautiful yarn was on sale, so I decided to see if I can whip up a shawl before my mom's birthday next month. I've used one skein thus far, and have knit about 8 inches.
Ignore my toes. I think it's a lot wider than I had planned, which is unnecessary as my mommy is a pretty tiny person. It's going to be awfully cozy, and she lives in a ridiculously cold climate, so hopefully it'll be practical.
I'm using a fan and feather lace pattern, that I found at Knitpicks.
It's hard to see the pattern because the yarn is fuzzy, but if you look closely, it's there.

That's pretty much what's been going on in my knitting life. I'm headed back to the couch to work on the shawl and watch some Law and Order (my other passion in life).
catch ya later.
<3 uhlissa

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