Friday, January 12, 2007

Sock Madness!

I HAVE FINISHED ONE SOCK!! Hahaahaha! Ambrrr wins again!

So yeah, one sock of Monkey down, one more to go. I'm so mexcited about this, I've already picked out the pattern of my next sock: Lickety Split. And I'm definitely going for KnitPicks' Palette, which is dirt cheap and has a nice color wheel. I'm also thinking I'll boost the needle size on LS up to a US3, since I already knit a pretty tight gauge. Oh, the wonderful world of socks. Let's see how long I am enamored of you. :D

<3 Ambrrr

PS Uhlissa WHY DID YOU USE PATON'S SWS?! For shame! But Lordy your Caliometry looks nice. Also, I think you might have used Natural Geranium.

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