Thursday, April 5, 2007


I was very excited when my accounting professor let us go early, because it's a long weekend, and no one wanted to be there. Then, my day got even better when I checked my mail and got a package from my secret pal! She has outdone herself. It's so amazing. Yarn spun especially for me, mints, a very cute picture/card holder (hard to explain, but adorable), piggy tissues!, a book of crosswords and a very nice edition of Willa Cather's My Antonia. And once again, everything was wrapped beautifully. I'm absolutely in love with the whole box. It's so springy and fun.
Ambrrr should be available this evening for pictures, so hopefully I'll finally get pictures of this box and the last!
Thank you so much, Secret Pal, you have made this one of the best days ever.
<3 uhlissa

Update! Pictures:

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