Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Post #50, 50th Excuse

Whoo, 50 posts! Muy exciting.

Sadly this post is mostly fulla excuses. Uhlissa and I are both knitting, but rather sporadically around classes. I'm working on my Clementine, as the yarn finally arrived a week or so ago. It's going pretty quickly, but I fear I am not making gauge. I would not really know, as I am Anti-Swatch. The only swatch I'll own is the one that goes on my arm.

Anyways, yeah. That's about it for me. I'm gathering things and whatnot for my SP10 this weekend, when Uhlissa and I have our A+ Adventures.

Mas mas photos in an upcoming post, and also maybe less excuses! Maybe.

Peace up, A-town down,

<3 Ambrrr

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