Monday, April 16, 2007

Uh, whoops.

Uhlissa and I have been conspicuously absent from The Blogger recently, due to overwhelming studio work on my part and business school madness on hers. I didn't even get a chance to knit this weekend, and this upcoming weekend is the one before Final Review. So after I recover on the 26th, I'll finish that Clementine Shawlette like a madwoman. I'm at the "repeat the pattern for 15 inches" part, so that'll take around a day and a half, or two.

Oh, I should probably book my plane ticket home soon. So much to do!

PS Because I have no knitting photos for you, here is the little fox that lives in my Google homepage, playing the ... lute? I love him!

<3 Ambrr


Anonymous said...

Good Luck! Let me know when you're leaving and what your new address it so I don't send anything to the wrong place... SP

Alissa said...

i want a lute playing fox!