Friday, December 29, 2006

I may have lied.

My next official project (I have completed the paperwork and everything) is going to be ...... (drumroll).... Monkey, from the Winter '06 issue of Knitty!

I KNOW!! Not only is it a SOCK (fear!) but it is done on US No 2s (horrors!!)!!! What am I thinking?! And why am I using so many exclaimation marks?! !!!

I confess that Cookie herself had some part in this decision. Or rather, her picture. Look at her! She is tiny and adorable, and clearly having a lot of fun making that sock. SO I WILL TOO. I'm dyeing my hair blue too. Oh, that may have been another lie.

The Ravenclaw scarf just needs ends woven in. I'd post pictures, but I hate my camera. I think I might get a new one. Ooops, yet another lie. :D

<3 Ambrrr

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