Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh Winter Break

Hello! So, I'm back home in Tulsa for winter break. It's cold. Well, not really I guess, but colder than New Orleans for sure. Well, anyways, I've been here for a little over a day, so of course I've accomplished something knit related (while accomplishing nothing else that I needed to). I realized earlier today that I needed to make my mom something for Christmas, so I headed to a yarn store I had never been to before. It was nice, but I think nothing compares to my love for Garden District Needlework. I picked up some wool in a beautiful turquoise. It's Mission Falls' 1824 Wool. I really like it. I was knitting with some Mission Falls cotton a couple of weeks ago, and I really liked that too, so maybe the brand is just awesome or something. Well, anyways, I bought some beautiful wool and decided to make some beautiful mittens for my beautiful mommy. I have this really easy mitten pattern that someone gave me when I learned mittens this summer, and I added a simple cable down the middle. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I've used the mitten pattern/ cable combination pattern before on some really cute mittens I made for one of my suitemates. I wanted to do a more complicated cable, but I wasn't in the mood to try and fine one. Oh well. I love it the way it is. I'm not so excited about making the other one tomorrow. That tends to be my problem with making pairs of things - I never want to do the second one. I need to get it done tomorrow though, so I'm sure I will. I'm pretty excited about the knitting I'm anticipating doing over the rest of the break. I might have an offer to sell a scarf, so that might be the first thing I have to do, but it's not for sure yet. I'd also like to start something big and complicated to test out my skills. Either a sweater or the most adorable baby dress I've ever seen from the awesome "Knitting for Babies" magazine I purchased at the grocery store and have since been in love with. It's a tough choice. We'll see what happens. Be sure to look for frequent updates, as I have nothing more important than my knitting for the next four weeks. <3>

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