Thursday, May 17, 2007


Oh noes, SP - when you left a comment you forgot to post as Anonymous! I have been an extraordinarily good girl, and did not (NOT!) click on your name, but you might wanna change it before the temptation overtakes me. Woe!

Also, why do I find out about all of the good yarn stores when they're all sold out? Knit Happens had a CRAZY SALE on every yarn I could possibly ever want, and by the time my check gets in tomorrow it'll all be gone. It mostly is already. WOE!

And oh my LORD, did anyone else catch Grey's Anatomy tonight? WOE WOE WOE IS I.

I am going to go lay down with a cold towel over my eyes, and try to recover from this woeful day.

<3 from Wednesday's child, Ambrrr

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Egads... it's gone...

Not enough sleep for me these days!