Saturday, May 19, 2007


So I am looking at yarns to send to my SP. I know, I am woefully behind. Let's keep in mind that I haven't actually left the house for a week. So yep.

Anyways, the SP Yarn Search. I was going to send some STR, possibly in the Mustang Sally colorway, but my concerns over pooling are holding me back. Also, STR is expensive! Crazy! So I began combing the interwebs looking for less expensive but still awesome options. I found some great sites, but they were either more expensive or all sold out. And then it struck me.

What could be more 'indie' and unique than hand-dyed yarn?!

So I of course turned to KnitPicks and their trusty Bare line, and am currently looking at this variety. I'm also thinking of using their easy to understand Kool-Aid (TM) dyeing technique, and a quick Googling reveals a wealth of info on the process as well. So. I think I'll do it. I'll test-drive it on a skein for myself* and then I'll rev through one for SP. Whee! This also frees up some major fundulation for the Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs oils I was also looking into for SP, based on some cities she said she'd like to visit.

So yeah. I think I'm gonna do this. I'll try to get to Marc's or another grocery store this week, and order the yarn tomorrow. How terribly exciting!

And you guys know the drill by now - no knitting pics means a picture of Kitsune!

Kitsune sometimes enjoys eating sushi for lunch. As do I!

Doing-the-Blue-Steel-Look-but-you-can't-see-it, Ambrrr (<3) (Who promises to knit soon. Honestly.)

*Ok, maybe I just really want to hand dye some yarn. You know y'all want to too.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun... although I haven't liked the colors I have managed from Kool-Aid. I was going to try this this summer.

Anonymous said...

oops... that was from me :)


Alissa said...

I want to dye yarn! Maybe I will tomorrow, since I won't be doing anything else. How are anna's socks?

Wakeful D said...

Anna's socks are a nightmare. I'm so lazy I haven't worked on them much at all. SIGH.