Thursday, May 10, 2007

summer to-do list

My summer has officially began. I left New Orleans, and I'm at home visiting right now before I head to Dallas to spend the summer.
I've decided to make a list of goals for the summer. Some of them much more achievable than others.

1. Go to the gym.
2. Learn to cook.
3. Have a summer romance.
4. Make a sweater out of this yarn:

5. Finish these socks:
They're called "Classy Slip-Up" from the amazing book I got from my secret pal. The yarn is jojoland melody. I'm in love.

6. Read more.

7. Finish this cross-stitch:

8. Make these into socks (including hand dying that stuff in the middle):

9. Play my flute.
10. Knit up a good portion of my stash.
I'm sure there are more things I've decided to do, but can't remember right now. I'm also open to suggestions of other life-enriching activities that I should be introduced to in the next several months.

While I'm making lists, let's check the progress on those New Year's Resolutions I made.
1. Knit a sweater - not yet.
2. Knit something with lace - yes! Check out these and these.
3. Sell something - yes. booties and a scarf.
4. Finish some WIPs - oops.
5. Make something cool - I think so. The inchworm pillow, which I don't think I ever posted pictures of.
6. Donate scarves - nope. I think they only do this in the fall, so there's still a chance.

And have I made any progress on any of the things I was knitting on January 2nd?
1. Hufflepuff scarf - only knit 2 stripes since then.
2. Gryffindor scarf - finished
3. Birthday mittens for Karissa - finished
4. Ugly wristwarmer - um, no.

This game was fun. I'll have to do it again at the end of summer.

Also, here's the cross-stitch I finished for my mom for mother's day. It's a house in New Orleans, that I actually see quite frequently.

<3 uhlissa

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