Thursday, May 10, 2007

Quite fancy!

I'm very taken with Uhlissa's list 'o things to do! I've been a little slow with the knitting, even though I have "the time" now. I've been working on (finally) Anna's knitted birthday present. Instead of a pair of Fetching, I ordered the wrong yarn size (fingering instead of worsted, haha) and now she's getting socks. They're going to be green with orange cuff, toes and a star. Fun times.

This is the first pair of socks I've done basically without a pattern... I'm sort of mashing things together and really learning how socks work. Fun times, yes.


I'm actually a bit further than the photo shows, I'm working on the star on the foot and the sole. Wheeeeee. You can see my amazing placemarkers that Secret Pal sent in use. I didn't realize they'd match Anna's socks so well!

I do believe I'll call them Anna's Oh-My-Stars Socks.

Later, alligators.

<3 Ambrrr


Anonymous said...

So glad you're enjoying the stitch markers!


Alissa said...

They're so ridiculous. I kind of want some. Also, I'd love to see your to-dos.