Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hello again!

I'm back in the OH, which is somewhat like the OC except that the beaches are usually cold and deserted and we get about 100 days of sun a year instead of like 300. Hurrah!

Still nothing happening on the knitting front. I'm waiting with bated breath for my check to deposit into my account tomorrow, because right now I'm walking the thin wire of overdrawing my account. :<

Once that's settled, though, I can buy the neato things I've been eyeing for my SP, which I will then send forthwith. Oh, to be poor and in college. Is this one of those "character building" things I keep hearing about?

Of course, no knitting photos means a random photo instead!

Here is Kitsune, fast asleep at 2 AM. How he loves to taunt me.

But oh Mario, we're only to Ohio.*

<3 Ambrrr

* "Pavlov's Bell" by Aimee Mann

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