Monday, February 5, 2007

Fun and Giggles.

That is the exact opposite of what my life has been like recently. Architecture studio leaves very little time for knittin', which is sad.

I've finished two out of three Mardi Gras Apple Hats, and may have to make slight corrections on the first one. We'll see. So photos of that soon, and photos also of my very first Fetching, which I finished back in November and forgot to photo, and hopefully Marilyn's Saints Fetching, if she has them on Friday, because I forgot to photo them as well. I am bad at photo-ing.

Of course now my attention turns to "What Do I Want to Knit When I'm Done With This?" which is a game I like to play in class. February is a month 'o birthdays, including our dear Uhlissa! I'm pretty sure I already know what I'm getting her. :D But it is sekkrit, and I cannot tell you here. But anyways, here's what I'm knitting soon (hopefully):

- Calorimetry for Mum (in red)
- Fetching with Stars for Anushka (orange and green)
- Lickety Split for myself (green and black)
- Thermal for myself (this'll most likely be a summer project)
- Dreamswatch for ME HAHAHAHA (I'm going to look for a fun yarn at the LYS)
- A camera case for my coming-soon-camera (any patterns anyone loves?)

OK, I think I've covered it all. I also need something to do with my Leprechaun from KnitPicks.... oh, the possibilities! Why isn't there enough time to do all this?!

deep sighs of regret, Ambrrr

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