Monday, February 12, 2007

Uh, wow.

OK, now I swear that I haven't killed Uhlissa and taken over the blog. I just... talk too much. My point is, I have been knitting again! Hurrah, you love it.

For Mum's birthday I'm knitting her a Calorimetry, in the most luscious red variated yarn. I'll get the info all compiled in the FO shot (as I've actually already finished it, save for the button to close it). It was fantastic to knit with, really smooth and soft. Bought it at the LYS along with two (TWO) skeins of Koigu in colorway 603 (I think). MADNESS. I'm thinking it'll be turned into some anklets this weekend, or hopefully I won't be so out of it from Mardi Gras celebrations and the numerous birthday parties I am to attend.


<3 Ambrr

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