Monday, February 5, 2007


I finally acquired some pictures of a few things that I finished last year.

First, Kyle's Christmas scarf (a.k.a the never-ending-scarf-of-doom).
You can't tell from the picture, but he really likes it.

Next up, some baby booties from a Knitting booklet called "Knitting for Babies" that I bought at the grocery store. This pair was knit for a friend of my roommate's best friend. I've knit about three other pairs though. They're fun and quick. Sorry the pictures aren't so great.

<3 uhlissa

1 comment:

kyle said...

i can't believe you snuck around my back and stole that picture of me. i told you we could take a better picture when i was in my coat and it was cold outside. but you went and put the retarded one of me taking pictures of myself in the garden.

i still love the scarf though....what would be nice though are black knit gloves to go with it.