Tuesday, March 13, 2007


This week is productive...at least as far as knitting goes. (School's a whole 'nother story.)I just finished the shawl I was making for my mom. I'm kind of disappointed because as soon as I bound it off and picked it up, the weight of the shawl created a whole new shape. I measured it while it was in progress and it was working out correctly, but now it's more square than rectangular. I just laid it out on my bed, and stretched it out right , and it's about 26" x 46" which is perfectly fine, but when I try to wrap it around myself, gravity makes things complicated. I think it'll be ok, because my mom is a much smaller person than I, but I'm still irritated. I'm choosing to focus on the positive though. The positive is that it is very soft and cuddly, and will make a good lap blanket if nothing else. I used Cameo Bulky by Hobby Lobby's brand Yarn Bee in the color "azure stone." It's beautiful. I used five 74 yd skeins knit on 15s (quite a change from knitting on 2s a few days ago!). I still have five skeins sitting in a box with no purpose. Oh well. I bought it super cheap on sale this summer. Pictures will be taken soon, before I take it to California to gift to my mom.


I think it's time to get back to my Hedera socks. I don't really plan to spend too much time on them this week, but I probably will. They also should be airplane knitting and vacation knitting. I'm afraid I'll probably finish them before all of that, so I plan to pick a pattern for the gorgeous red Frog Tree suri brushed i bought a few weeks ago. I think it will make the most delicious socks (clearly my new favorite). I'm thinking something lacy but simple.

<3 uhlissa

p.s. - i really wanted to order from knit picks soon, but ambrrr scared me out of it with her last post.

p.p.s. - sorry, ambrrr, i didn't mean to post right after you did. hopefully everyone will realize we like to update all the time and check back a few posts for still-fresh posts.

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