Monday, March 26, 2007


Hi. I know it appears once again that Ambrrr has taken over completely, but I'm here, I promise. I was out of town for the past week, which is why it's almost two am and I'm not tired. I was in California, and I thought I had done a great job of not getting too adjusted to the time zone, but I was wrong. Actually, all the caffeine may have something to do with my wakefulness.
The trip was super fun, though not at all productive.
The day I got there, I finished my first Hedera sock. I barely knit after that. Today I did about eight pattern repetitions. It's coming along. Slowly.
On a more positive note, I finished reading a book I've been reading since school started in August. I didn't mean to be so slow, I just never have time to read for fun. Or if I do have time, I choose to knit.
Hopefully later this week I'll have more interesting things to say, and perhaps some Hedera pictures.
I did deliver the shawl to my mom, who absolutely loved it. So, that was awesome.
Also, I had knit my friend Whitney a calorimetry, and now her boyfriend is begging me for a hat. Fun, but not on the top of the priority list.
Priorities this week include:
-actually doing all my homework
-not failing my accounting test on thursday
-finishing this sock, cause i'm tired of it?
-getting re-adjusted to central time
I think that's it. There are probably other important things.
Oh! Like sending my secret pal gift! I found some super fun secret presents on my trip, and I can't wait to get them sent. Maybe after Secret pal is over, I'll fill y'all in.
Also, knitpicks updated their site, and all I want to do is buy yarn. Uh oh.
<3 uhlissa
I know this post is all over the place. I'm feeling very scatterbrained. It might be the time thing, it might be my overactive mind thinking too much about things it just shouldn't even consider. Who knows.

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