Monday, March 5, 2007

Oh man.

Uhlissa and I have been down with the sickness, y'all. In an intense fashion. :<

Last Saturday was another successful A+ Adventure, as I purchased (and wound myself, with Uhlissa's help and watchful guidance!) more KOIGU to fuel the KOIGU MADNESS. It's gotten ridiculous at this point. I don't even have a sock pattern in mind for them. I think they're going to be my travellin' socks, as I go to Alpha Rho Chi's National Convention in Memphis TN March 22 - 25. Something fun to knit in the car, whee!

Let's see, where did I leave off? I haven't done much knitting as the hacking/coughing has taken up most of my time. A second pair of BMGFs are on the Addis.... and the Dreamswatch and Camera Cosy are still on their respective needles. TOO TIRED TO THINK ABOUT IT.

OK, time to work on studio until I collapse. Later friends!

<3 Ambrrr

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