Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Why I Should Never Buy Things

So I did order that yarn, as I so expressly forbid you from allowing me to do, and now there's hell to pay.

Last night I purchased the Knitpicks Shine Sport in River, but forgot to change my address to my university one instead of home. I realized this the second I pressed the "order" button, and sent two emails right away - one explaining my predicament and another containing my order number and customer number as soon as I received them.

Today I got a reply, stating that they "couldn't catch" the order and that it was shipping to Ohio. That's it.

Now I know that I should have checked the address before shipping, but there was no option to. Since I was signed in I would have had to go to my customer account, change it there and THEN place my order. There was also no option for me to cancel my order, even though when I looked a second ago it's still listed as "Pending." Not shipped, pending.

I sent another email asking if there was absolutely nothing that could be done, as I'd rather not pay to have it shipped again. And they've already charged my credit card.

But honestly, what?

Disappointedly yours, Ambrrr

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